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Treatments Plants

SWS is responsible for the development and execution of new projects required to meet the growing sewerage infrastructure demands of Abu Dhabi, including new sewage treatment plants, together with the renewal and replacement of ageing infrastructure across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Al Dhafra Regions.

SWS have strived and managed through the 41 Sewage Treatment Plants Catchment Centre (STPCC) spread across all Abu Dhabi Emirate to collect and treat up to Department of Energy (DOE) quality set regulatory standards over 335,880 Mega-liters volume of sewage throughout 2022.

The SWS overall wastewater treatment capacity is about 1,334 mega-liters per day from those 42 wastewater treatment plants, leaving a spare overall treatment capacity of a round 31.4%

The Bio-Product from all SWS Treatment Plants are Recycled Water (RW) and Bio-solids and used as follow:

  • Bio-solids are currently sent to the approved landfill areas.
  • RW is currently used mainly for landscaping irrigation purposes.

Excess RW from Abu Dhabi City Wastewater Treatment Plants is disposed to the Mussaffah Channel due to hydraulic constraints in the RW distribution network owned by Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC).

SWS is also presently working on the Biosolids Strategy as a way forward toward a full reuse of the Biosolids being generated from the 5 Majors Sewage Treatment Plants. It is the endeavor of SWS to find a suitable re-use options for the Biosolids being generated so that the Biosolids just do not end up in the Landfills.

Additionally, SWS is presently tendering for Energy optimization Initiative so as to come out with solutions to make the existing treatment plants more energy efficient their by leading to Carbon Footprint reduction.

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