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Corporate Social Responsibilities

At SWS, we ensure Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) cover diverse initiatives that leave a lasting positive impact on people, communities, and the environment


Our commitment to our people ensures alignment to the needs of our business and our workforce. Having access to an outstanding talent pool is pivotal to the nature of our operations and the level of expertise that we require. Therefore, employee happiness, retention of our people, average turnover of employees and Emirati recruitment are top priorities in our management approach. Annually, we evaluate the results of our employee happiness survey and action the key areas for improvement.


Safety is of utmost importance to us, and as such it is embedded within our values, strategy and daily activities. Our company is committed to building a safe work environment, preventing harm, learning from experiences and protecting both the environment as well as the public health. Our common goal, pertaining to our Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy, is to operate in a safe manner that does not harm people, environment, and property. Our objectives are to consistently reduce personnel injuries and illnesses and infrastructure damage. For us to achieve our HSE goals, we extensively collaborate with our stakeholders to create interventions throughout the supply chain.


For us, contributing to the sustainable economic and social development of the communities and enhancing people’s livelihoods and wellbeing are vital goals. We believe in creating sustainable impact by supporting and giving back to our society and community.

We put emphasis on customer happiness through focusing on our objective of supplying the people of the Emirate with safe and reliable sewerage services. Our high standards help us in exceeding customer satisfaction. We aspire to maintain good relations with our customers by meeting their needs and expectations, enhancing their satisfaction and properly handling and providing information.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to prioritizing our customers health and safety by delivering high quality services. We monitor the quality of our wastewater in our specialized laboratories by our competent staff. We continue to strive and deliver services that meet international standards by following rigorous internationally recognized standards and guidelines. We continue to report on our wastewater quality as per the national and local regulations. As a result, we have had no non-compliance incident with regulations and codes.


We play an active role in our community by advocating responsible use and management of water resources, promoting the adoption of sustainable practices, protecting the environment, and safeguarding public health and safety. We organize many initiatives that focus on raising awareness in our workforce and community to enable them to make considered decisions in being more sustainable and improve our environment.

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