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Innovations & Initiatives
Innovation Platform

Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions Company (SWS) aims to be a global frontrunner in sustainable, innovative, and efficient water solutions.

Our objective centers around fostering happiness and nurturing an environment ripe for innovation. We value community engagement and invite feedback in areas such as Innovation, Happiness, and Youth.

The taskforce oversees the proposal, registration, study, classification, and evaluation of the submitted concepts. Our system streamlines monitoring, encourages feedback, and aims to enhance services and processes by measuring the impact of the submitted idea.

At SWS’ we assess impact through a comprehensive evaluation matrix, including impact on health and safety, strategic goals, time management and much more.

We deeply value your contribution towards top-tier sustainable water solutions. Rewards for highly impactful ideas are given on a case-by-case basis. The company retains the right to award the prize at its own discretion.

*All submissions are treated with strict confidentiality and ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights.

What’s your opinion about the SWS Supplier registration system?