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The United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi governments continuously develop strategies to ensure sustainable development across the nation. At SWS, we ensure alignment with the national and local agendas to confirm our effective contributions to the long-term prosperity of Abu Dhabi’s environment and community.

We have a dedicated committee responsible for making sure that our organization is aware of all governmental issues and requirements. The strategies, policies, procedures, and processes in our various divisions are developed in compliance with the local requirements and standards and in agreement with international best practices and standards. 

Ultimately, we aim to contribute to global, regional, national, and local sustainable development visions. In 2020, we joined the UAE Climate Change Taskforce, headed by Environment Agency Abu Dhabi. This taskforce brings together leaders from businesses, academia, and government to create opportunities for better understanding and cooperation in climate change resolutions. This aligns all relevant entities to reinforce the UAE’s and Abu Dhabi’s position as a climate leader and contribute to mobilising and expediting collective climate action while ensuring the UAE’s strategic economic interests are not only met but also enhanced. Our role includes providing data to UAE’s and Abu Dhabi’s GHG inventories. 

We are also a proud member of the Abu Dhabi School of Government which allows us to contribute to reshaping the culture of learning and supporting Abu Dhabi’s ambition to build a sustainable and open economy.

Globally, we are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations Climate Change Paris Agreement, and International Renewable Energy Agency’s Energy Transformation Agenda. Nationally, we are aligned with UAE Vision 2021, Green Growth Strategy, and UAE Energy Strategy. Within Abu Dhabi, SWS is aligned with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, and Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group. The latter is another great initiative of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi and brings Abu Dhabi stakeholders together with global thought leaders to discuss global and local sustainability trends, driving cooperation and joint responsibility.

Involvement and effective relationships with both internal and external stakeholders allow us to efficiently integrate sustainability into our operations. We believe that carrying out a structured and well-targeted engagement is vital for understanding any current or potential concerns that our stakeholders might have. 

To support our growth and outlook, we are continuously updating our Strategic Plan to align with Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company’s ESG vision and requirements. We continuously ensure that our plan, vision, and objectives align with UAE’s growing sustainability visions and plans. 

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