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Pumping Stations

In all, SWS operates fifty-one Terminal Pumping Stations in Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

There are 15 Terminal Pumping Stations in Al Dhafra region, and all those terminal pumping stations are below the 10 hours operations daily. There are 36 Pumping Stations in total at Al Ain City.

SWS undertakes through the Operation and Maintenance Programme a regular testing for salinity across the network of pumping stations, resultantly the identification of facilities that show high levels of Salinity, which are further investigated as part of SWS ongoing Asset Enhancement and Sewer Rehabilitation Contracts.

Moreover, SWS has conducted hydraulic assessment of the existing collection system for Abu Dhabi Island, Abu Dhabi Mainland, Al Ain City and some cities at Al Dhafra region. The developed hydraulic model includes around 22 pumping stations for Abu Dhabi Island, 69 pumping stations for Abu Dhabi Mainland and 14 pumping stations in Al Ain city. Pumping Station physical data is collected from the as built drawings and the dynamic data including flows are collected from SCADA both data are used in the new hydraulic system for system calibration.

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