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The provision of treated wastewater for irrigation purposes is not included in the list of services provided by the company.

Please note that sewage waste is not for sale.

Follow below steps to update the trade license details in the clearance system (CMA):

  • Step 1: Click on company names at the top left side of the screen and choose the company profile.

  • Step 2: Select new date.

  • Step 3: Submit updated file.

  • Step 4: Click on Manage Company from the user menu (refer to Figure no. 1).

  • Step 5: Update the company details. Specifically, the highlighted information, add company trade licence as an attachment and click on Update (Refer to Figure no.2).

Sewerage network cleaning service (manholes cleaning, pipe maintenance, replacement of manholes covers) for private facilities and homes is not part of SWS scope of services. It is the landlords/ house owner responsibility as stated in the procedures and policies of Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions Company.

Please visit the Sustainable Water Solutions Company website and view the Services Catalogue and services details and required documents. Services link:

An underground septic tank is a solid concrete tank (impermeable), solid brick, fiberglass, or any other material resistant to leakage or corrosion. It is designed and implemented according to the specifications and standards of SWS. It is used to collect wastewater generated within premises when the customer is not connected to any of the Sustainable Water Solutions networks and the customer is responsible to build, maintain the tank and safely dispose the wastewater collected.

The pest and rodent control service is not included in the list of services provided by the company.

Customers can pay inspection violations (Grease traps/Grease dump) via the Department of Economic Development channels.

The disposal of tree roots from manholes is not included in the list of services provided by the company

It is a service dedicated for receiving and following up on customer requests (service request, inquiry, suggestions, compliments/praise and complaints) through the SWS channels as follow:

To apply for a job, please register at the following link: Here

An official letter from the university addressed to Sustainable Water Solutions Company detailing the students' information (Name, Major), the duration of internship and attaching all required documentations regarding the internship to be sent to
The student will then be contacted to complete all necessary administrative procedures.

To Track your application and services status, refer to the same system or platform previously used.

All commercial licences (Restaurants, Cafes and Car Wash /Laundry Services) are issued and updated through a joint platform between Sustainable Water Solutions Company and the Department of Economic Development. 
Note: This procedure does not include commercial registration (suppliers).

The commercial licence holder is responsible to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of Grease Traps in a commercial establishments. Please review the list of Sustainable Water Solutions Company guidelines and requirements to maintain a clean grease traps.

Currently, SWS inspect three categories related to commercial category: Restaurants, Cafes, Car Wash and Laundry Services.

If the license requires obtaining the approval of the Sustainable Water Solutions Company in the economic development system, it will be obtained within two working days Most commercial licenses fall under the immediate license “Priority Services”, that does not require approvals from the Department of Economic Development, with the exceptional requests to amend commercial activities.

All commercial/trade licenses activities are processed through the Department of Economic Development. SWS will be electronically notified and SWS inspection team will contact the customer for site inspection and upon a successful completion of the inspection, the license shall be electronically processed through SWS - DED integrated system.

The responsibility for selecting and assigning a contractor/consultant falls within the scope of responsibility of the client/owner.

SWS does not provide sewer maintenance to commercial buildings. It falls under the jurisdiction and responsibility of the building owner.

SWS does not provide sewer maintenance service inside randomly divided house. It is the owners responsibility due to the nature of the internal extensions within the house which doesn’t comply with the standards and specifications of SWS.

Internal sewage network maintenance /modification/repair is the responsibility of the home/property owner.

The SWS logo is a private and exclusive property. Its rights are reserved to the company only and cannot be used for transactions and correspondences with other companies. Violating these laws exposes the user to legal accountability.

It is a system of sewage network extension inside the plot which includes hidden holes in the form of the letter Y, the last manhole (main inspection room) before the main manhole of the Sustainable Water Solutions Company, should be the British system "which is the currently approved system".

The certification approval is provided by the technical service section in our customer service centres. You can apply and sign a pledge during your visit as well.

Sustainable Water Solutions Company adopts the British system through the provision of several inspection rooms inside the internal sewage network. As a result, blockage is avoided, and overflow problems and other problems become easier to solve.

Note: The Sustainable Water Solutions Company is not responsible for the internal network of the plot.

Please be informed that discharging rainwater into sewage networks is prohibited. Therefore, please consult the relevant authority responsible for rainwater disposal.

To obtain a copy of the Avowal of request for No Objection for Building Completion Certificate, please click the link:


Yes. Approved Vendor Lists (AVL) and Approved Contractors List (ACL) can be shared with bidders as part of the tender invitation where the terms & conditions of tenders require the bidders to keep all tender information confidential.

An official letter must be sent to SWS, whether it is from an academic, governmental, or other entity. The letter must mention the purpose and the reasons for requesting the information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Suppliers shall access SWS website Welcome to Monaqasa Portal ( to register and prequalify through the e-Registration system. Suppliers’ self-registration is completed in three steps:

    1. Create Username and password, then complete your company basic information and submit the registration request for SWS review.
    2. Upon acceptance of the Registration request, Pre-Qualification application will be initiated for selected Product/Work Groups, as applicable.
    3. Suppliers will be active in the SWS Commercial Directory once all reviews are completed successfully.

For further details refer to the Registration & Pre-qualification Guidelines and contact for any question.

Suppliers may seek clarifications regarding floated tenders by sending email to

For questions related to the e-tendering system support or technical errors, please contact

Login through the TAMM Platform, fill in the required information, Upload the required documents, and submit the request.

Receive the permit for discharging the sewerage tankers in the discharge points of Abu Dhabi Water Solutions Company or rejection with a comment electronically.

  • A valid copy of the car ownership.
  • A valid copy of the driving license.
  • Undertaking letter.
  • Valid copy of the driver labor card.
  • Picture of the vehicle from four sides.
  • Copy of the commercial license.
  • A valid copy of the owner's ID

Login through the TAMM Platform.
Fill in the required information, Upload the required documents, and submit the request.

Receive and renew the permit for discharging the sewerage tankers in the discharge points of Abu Dhabi Water Solutions Company or reject them with an electronic comment.

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