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Sustainable Achievements

Conducting business with the highest integrity and in compliance with the laws of Abu Dhabi and UAE is essential for us. We are proud to be an ethically driven entity with an embedded responsibility to promote the highest standards of business ethics and practices.

Being an organization that is located in the UAE means that we must lead and operate with innovation at the heart of our business. Pioneering innovative initiatives and solutions represent cost optimization, efficiency improvement, global transformation contribution and adoption of advanced technologies.

At SWS, we are committed to play our part in mitigating the causes of climate change in all our existing assets, projects and operations. We recognize our strategic role towards the UAE’s national and local ambitions to bolster nationwide climate action and mitigation. We strive to achieve leadership in the fields of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction and environmental conservation. We work closely with other local and national entities and authorities to ensure that the impacts of our operations on the environment are subsided.

Up to 2021, we have achieved a reduction of 30% of our operational Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emission against the 2016 baseline. We have exceeded our carbon reduction target due to our great efforts in reducing the carbon footprint. In addition to the abovementioned initiatives and commitments, we have implemented effective and economical energy and carbon reduction solutions, as part of our completed pilot study on carbon reduction opportunities, at Al Mafraq sewerage treatment plant.

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